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Looks delicious. I won't mind eating those fast foods every day. :)
I couldn't access their homepage though (it might be a temporarily problem), do they have katsudon as well?


why don't women go into ramen shops by themselves? just curious....


I've lived in Japan over three years, and I don't think I've ever seen that chain. Do they stick mainly to the suburbs? The description definitely sounds good, I will keep an eye out now.

I would also like to know why women don't like to go into ramen restaurants alone... I admit I don't like to go in when they're crowded, and they often are when they're good, or cheap.


I've been lurking for a bit and am finally commenting. The pictures on your blog make me so koishii for Japan! Everything you make and/or eat looks so yummy! I wish they had restaurants like this in NYC and I can't believe I didn't go into one of these restaurants when I was living in Kobe!


Sue, they do indeed have katsudon!

Apex, tough question. Not sure exactly why, but "manly" restaurants are just embarrassing to enter alone. Cafes and western-style fast food are OK.

Courtney, Lots in the suburbs, but plenty in the city as well, especially in business/university districts.

Thank you Caitlin! I think New York has Yoshinoya, which is similar. No oyakodon though.

Absolutely Tokyo!

Hi Amy. Although I haven't commented about anything on your blog in quite a well, I read it faithfully almost every day and love it! Since i don't cook much, I'd really like to find one of those Naka-u chains, especially for the duck soup! I clicked on their Web site, but I don't read Japanese and there's no English. Do you know if there's one anywhere near Jiyugaoka or Shibuya?


Unfortunately there are no shops in Jiyugaoka or near Shibuya station. In Shibuya-ku there are two: near Yoyogi-uehara station and Sasahata station. Also one in Aoyama near Gaienmae station. I can send you an address and map to any of these places if you're interested.

But I suspect the duck noodles won't be around much longer, so you'd better hurry!


Yes, NY has Yoshinoya, but it is definitely not the same as Yoshinoya in Japan. There, are, however other restaurants to satisfy my cravings and I did bring back a lot of cookbooks from Japan so I do try to cook some of the things I can't find here. I used to want so many "American" things when in Japan and now that I'm here, I want all sorts of Japanese things! Ahhhhh looking at your pictures makes me feel like I'm in Japan, and for that, I'm very grateful! Thank you!

Have you ever been to Tamba Sasayamai? I went to a restaurant there where I had inoshishi nabe and I still have great memories of it. Do try to go if you haven't been. They also have great pottery there as well.

Absolutely Tokyo!

Thanks for the info, Amy! I'd love a map of the Yoyogi-urehara shop (have a friend who lives near there, so maybe we'll go try it out!), and the Aoyama place. Tonight I went to my local meat shop and bought a pre-cooked duck breast. I think I'll give soup a try tomorrow night. Yum yum! Btw, have you seen any of The F Word episodes on British TV? (you can find them to download on the Internet if you look around). The F in this case stands for "food", but his mouth is in potty-talk overdrive throughout the program and he uses at least 1,000 F-words in every episode. Even so, I enjoy this reality TV show about food.


Caitlin, so Yoshinoya is different over there? I've never been to Tamba Sasayama, nor have I had inoshishi. But since this is the year of the boar, I think I'll be trying it soon!

Absolutely Tokyo, will do. I've never heard of the show, but now I'll be searching for it. Thanks!

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